Aura-Soma® Colour Consultations


 Dervish Holistic Centre,
7 Aungier Street, Dublin 2

How to book: Call Caroline on 085 222 7557

Usual Duration: 1hr 30mins – 2 hrs
Price: €60
Equilibrium Bottles (50ml): €34

What happens at an AURA-SOMA® consultation?

As Vicky Wall used to say, “You are the colours you choose and these reflect your being’s needs.” 

Your choice of bottles tell a practitioner about your life’s path, your personality, what drives you and what’s holding you back. Through the awareness of how we respond to certain colour vibrations, we can recognize where we stand in relation to particular colours or issues.  Can we see something in ourselves we would like to change, or like to nurture, explore and expand? The bottles show the gifts and talents you have and how you can utilise these to transform situations in your life and help you move forward with confidence.

Each bottle can be seen as a key to consciousness. What is wonderful is that you arrive at the consciousness through your own intuition - not through the consultant’s – and there is an empowerment in this process. Choosing the bottles helps us to connect to the very essence of our soul, helping us to recognise and understand our own essential nature.After a consultation, you can choose to use one of the four bottles from your reading.To work with an Equlibrium bottle: the beautifully-smelling oil is shaken and massaged into the skin on the relevant energy centre or chakra of the body, helping to restore, revitalise and re-balance all levels of being. There is an affirmation to use with each bottle, and it is a wonderful journey of self-awareness through colour.

“the session surprised me what it brought to the surface for some breath and light. I feel deeper and grounded in myself now” – Lesley

“my bottle is magic and contains so much and responds to so much!” – A

“I feel a true shift is happening” – Marion

Consultation Paintings:
Based on your choice of colours in your Aura-Soma consultation, I can do a painting or a kind of mandala for you that combines the colours you chose in your reading. The paint can be infused with Mother Amma’s blessed sacred ash or with holy water. The piece can be used as something you can use to meditate, or simply to visually reflect your Soul’s journey in your favourite room in your house.


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