Aura-Soma Pomanders

Aura-Soma Pink PomanderAura-Soma Pomanders are made from the energies of plants, crystals and colour created to keep the subtle energies around our body (our aura), cleansed, strengthened and protected.

We all brush our teeth in the morning for oral hygiene- but what about trying a little auric hygiene for cleansing the aura of stagnant thoughts, emotions and unwanted energies that we may have picked up.

You can pop these easy-to-use, beautifully-fragranced vials into your pocket or handbag and apply them throughout the day. And they last for ages!

Many years before Aura-Soma was ever in existence and Vicky Wall could still see, she collected herbs on her walks and she preserved these herbs in alcohol. She did not really know why she did so, but she followed her own inner voice. For herself and those around her, this was a somewhat mysterious hobby to which she was devoted. When Vicky had the feeling that her collection was complete, she had 49 different herbs lying in alcohol – 7 x 7 – a number of significance in the Kabbalah.The Pomanders contain the energies of colour and 49 herbs in an ethanol base. Each pomander will contain a predominance of 7 of the herbs that relate to the particular chakra to which it relates by colour, while the other 42 herbs are present in miniscule amounts. As white contains and reflects all colours, so too does the white Pomander contain all 49 herbs in equal balance.