Aura-Soma Turquoise Pomander

Aura-Soma Turquoise Pomander The AURA-SOMA® Turquoise Pomander – The Aquarian Pomander

  • Creativity: Unlocks creativity. Resolves creative blockages. Recommended for stage fright. Keeps inspirational communication flowing. Good for artists, writers, journalists.
  • Encourages playfulness, and spontaneity
  • Heartfelt Communication: Helpful in cases where someone doesn’t know what they feel. Helps to express what lies in our feelings, to express your emotions with a new level of honesty. It encourages independence& the ability to take responsibility for our feelings & actions. Good for couples, helps keep communication coming from the feeling side of the being.
  • New Age Communication: expressing new Truth for this time. Media expression and communication. It enhances our inner teacher/inner guide, and communication with crystals and devas, and facilitates our rapport with computers and silica technology. Facilitates access to information about the future.
  • New Media: supports the work with new technologies, dissolves feelings of inferiority that may come up with this. Useful for work in the media or for those wishing to learn a new language. For anyone wishing to communicate to groups of people, it facilitates the communication from one to many, whether through the media or in person. Good for public speaking/teaching.

Chakra: The Ananda Khanda chakra, located on the right side of the chest, which stimulates the opening of the heart. Encompasses the area between the 4th/Heart and 5th/Throat Chakras.
Essential Oils: Myrrh, Jasmine, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Bergamot
Fragrance: Sweet, spicy, fresh
Crystals: Turquoise

Application: Use daily to cleanse, strengthen and support the aura.
Place three drops on the left palm, and gently rub the hands together. Give the energies of colour, herbs and crystal out to the world, flowing from the left hand around the Earth and back into the right hand. Then bring the hands gently over the crown, passing the energies over the top of the head, then over the back of the head, through the occipital area where the psychic gate is said to be, cleansing that which is behind us. Bring the hands down over the brow, through the area of third eye, down to the throat. Moving the hands over the throat briefly, clearing the communications before gently coming to the heart where we rest for a moment. In this space you may perhaps wish to put your attention on people you hold precious or on a situation that you feel needs care.  In your own time, when you are ready, bring the hands down moving the energies through the Solar Plexus, through the Root Chakra at the base of the spine, and down to Mother Earth. Ask that the Earth may receive what it is that we have to offer. Then moving back up the front, bring the palms together in a gesture of completion and take three deep breaths of the Pomander’s aroma-receive its essence into your own temple, your body.

NOTE: It is preferable to pass the Pomander through the electro-magnetic field before inhaling as this allows the alcohol to evaporate before you breathe in. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/painted surfaces. You can share the pomanders with whomever you wish, unlike the Equilibrium bottles.