Colour-full Course with Caroline on

Colour, the Aura, Chakras & Aura-Soma Colour 7 week course

  • Learn about the vibration of colour and its benefits
  • Tune into yourself through the gentle medium of colour
  • Learn about and experience the colours of the chakras
  • Balance your chakras every week with the Aura-Soma® Colour Care Curium
  • Learn about the human aura/energy field & how to cleanse it
  • Experience colour breathing, guided meditations and guided visualizations
  • Re-balance and revitalize- take home and use an AURA-SOMA® Balance bottle (an energised massage oil for the body/the chakras) – applied to the body along with a positive affirmation
  • Experience the protective, cleansing, and refreshing effects of an auric cleanse with an AURA-SOMA® pomander at the start and end of every class
  • Share the love of colour and make your life more colour-full!

Where: Dervish Bookshop & Holistic Centre, 7 Aungier Street, Dublin 2

To book or for more information
Call Caroline for more details on 085 222 7557

About Caroline:

Caroline Flavin is a qualified AURA-SOMA® Colour Care Consultant with the Art & Science International Academy of Colour Technologies, UK, with many years’ experience of teaching relaxation and of facilitating meditative classes and workshops, loving to work ‘in the moment’ to create a space of peace. Caroline has been exploring alternatives for holistic living since 2000, training in many holistic therapies including Reiki, Shamanism, Angelic Healing & Sound Healing. She specialises in Aura-Soma as it marries her love of the colour, plant and crystal kingdoms. As manager of Dervish Books and Holistics, she helps to empower people to find their own holistic path.


AURA-SOMA® is a gentle form of colour therapy that helps with self awareness and growth. Its products are made from the healing energies of colour, plant extracts, essential oils, gems and crystals.

Aura-Soma Pomanders can be used for daily auric hygiene. By placing three drops of these natural fragranced coloured essences on our hands and moving them through our aura, we can allow positive energies to enter our energy field and protect ourselves from energies we do not want.

What people have had to say about the course:

“a very big adventure to be part of these classes…an unforgettable journey through the colours…the products really worked on me.. I did some hard heart work!” – Joan

“It’s a lovely, thought-provoking course… enlightening regarding your life’s journey. You will start adding a rainbow to your closet! I enjoyed having the space to think about colour, its affect on me and how colours make me feel, recognising what they represent for me. The meditations were lovely and varied in style. A lovely space to feel colour” – Joanne

“This course has helped me in so many ways. I feel I am a much calmer person, more of the time than previously. Also I don’t just see colours I experience them” — Susan

“I enjoyed the beautiful meditations, space and energy created, your voice, knowledge and connection with others, and renewed connection with Spirit. Thank you” — Leslie

“The colours [of the altar] every week were so beautiful” — Rena

“I enjoyed the opportunity to voice my insights and express what I’m going through in a non-judgemental set-up” — Cian

“Thank you so much for the personal attention” — Carol

“I enjoyed the calmness, peaceful atmosphere, the smells, the colours of the fabrics” — S

“Beautiful class, beautiful experience, beautifully taught!” - Ciara