Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of people come to you for an AURA-SOMA® Consultation?
All kinds of people from all ages and backgrounds. Anyone who is curious, looking for deeper self-awareness and an opportunity for self-transformation. Children too, love the colours and magic of the bottles, and are also welcome!

What if I’m not sure if an AURA-SOMA® Consultation is right for me?
Call me or send me an email to ask me any questions you may have, I’d be happy to answer them.

What happens during an AURA-SOMA® Consultation?
After explaining to you a little about AURA-SOMA®, and answering any questions you may have, I let you enjoy the peace that comes from being in front of the 100 and more Equilibrium bottles. Connecting with your own intuition, you then choose four bottles. The consultation is based on your bottle choice. If you wish, you can choose to experience the calming and cleansing effect of a colour pomander in your aura as part of the consultation.

How long is an AURA-SOMA® Consultation?
An AURA-SOMA® Consultation lasts between one hour and one and a half hours.

Are AURA-SOMA® products natural?
AURA-SOMA® ‘Equilibrium’ bottles contain the 10th pressing of organic olives, essential oils from around the world, organic and biodynamic herbs and crystal tinctures created in Switzerland from ethically-sourced crystals. Committed to ecological sustainability, Aura-Soma owns a 500-acre biodynamic farm in Lincolnshire where many of the herbs used in the AURA-SOMA® products are grown.

Do you give AURA-SOMA® Consultations to under 18s?
Ages 16 (sixteen) and above may have an AURA-SOMA® Consultation without prior consent. Anyone under the age of 16 (sixteen) needs a parent or guardian’s consent. In the case of children, if the child prefers the adult to not be in the room during the consultation, it is requested that the adult stay in the building or at a close location. In some cases, the therapist may insist that the parent or responsible adult be present.

Where can I have an AURA-SOMA® Consultation?
Dervish Books & Holistic Centre, located on 7 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, not far from Georges Street Arcade. Please see location map for details. I also regularly attend Holistic Fairs around the city and county, and can accommodate home visits for groups. Please see the latest events and home visits section for more details.

Do you do gift vouchers?
Yes, gift vouchers are available at the standard rate of a normal consultation, and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. What a lovely present!

Is the treatment room wheelchair accessible, or accessible to mobility-impaired people?
The therapy room in Dervish is not accessible to mobility-impaired people- however I could offer consultations at the person’s own home, for a minimum of two consultations. A travel expense would be added to the appointment booking.

Do you do home visits?
For groups of three or more that wish to have a consultation each, I can do a home visit. I can also travel to groups in a holistic centre, provided there are at least four people to have a consultation. A travel expense is usually added to the appointment booking.

Are you covered by insurance?
I have a Certificate of Insurance with Holistic Insurance Services, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, registered in England and Wales, Registration No 06387110.

Does my health insurer cover Aura-Soma?
At present, none of the main health insurers in Ireland that I spoke to: including Aviva, VHI and Quinn Healthcare Insurance, covers the AURA-SOMA® Colour system.


Colour is life; for a world without colour appears to us as dead. Colours are primordial ideas, the children of light.” ~ The Elements of Color, Johannes Itten