What some clients have said …
On Aura-Soma consultations…

“Having an Aura-Soma consultation is like an invitation to life-your life. Right from the start the colours are captivating. Choosing your bottle is exciting-like a mystery about to unfold. I’m always amazed at how apt each reading has been! Having a bottle to take away at the end of it all is a wonderful support- let the journey begin.”  G

“Thank you Caroline for such a special reading. You have such a wonderful gift of creating and holding a safe space for a person’s healing and unfoldment. It is a true gift and a blessing to receive. You feel like one of God’s angels of colour and light by my side, because you are, and a gift to us Humans. With love from my heart to yours”  … E

“Aura-Soma for me is very instinctual, the body just knows where it’s out of balance and what it needs. Aura-Soma is subtle, yet a profound intelligence and awareness. It is loving, magical and a true gift of the feminine to oneself.”  … T


On using the Aura-Soma Equilirium (Balance) bottles…

Using the Balance bottle helped me make my decisions and know where I was going in life. I found it really empowering and it gave me a different perspective.”  … P

“Loving the bottle and definitely lots of changes happening since I used it…on both a work and personal level. I just love the smell of it and it’s so calming! I will definitely see you again as it’s been an amazing few weeks” – H

“I’m finding …using the Aura-Soma Equlibrium bottle every day… helps to support me with a kind of ‘focus’ & freshness.”  … S

“It’s a joy to use the Balance bottle… I had a complement from my sister [who] said I was looking quite ‘bright’. The pink Flower Shower is very cleansing, one of the best I’ve used. The pink and gold pomanders are working well too. [I am] bright & with more confidence!”
“I have used my Aura-Soma bottle most days and am really enjoying it, even as a little ritual at the start of the day after waking. I really enjoyed the Aura-Soma consultation- it was surprising how much it fitted into the themes in my life already.”  … G

Getting on great with (my new bottle)! Not unlike the other bottle, very calming effect on me when I remember to put it on – In other words when I don’t wear it, life passes me by…..things flow more (when I use it)” … B

Really enjoying the bottle! Love its smell, I love life n it loves me! Different buzz on this (bottle), can’t quite put my finger on it! Shall I say, more confident! Maybe it’s just vibrant!”  … B

“I’m getting on very well with my lovely bottle. I really enjoyed the consultation and made new discoveries. Thanks again.”