Pallas Athena Quintessence

Aura-Soma Pallas Athena and Aeolus Quintessence AURA-SOMA® Pallas Athena Quintessence
(Rose Pink/Pale Magenta)

  • Dream Work: Helps with interpretation of a person’s own dreams and those of others. Brings deep insight into dreams & their symbols. Facilitates lucid dreaming.
  • Creation: For those who dream dreams, see visions or create. Be it through pen, paint, the writing of words to music; all concepts and ideas which bring forth beauty from the soul. Inspiration for our creative skills, our dreams and visions.
  • Beauty and Aesthetics: Creative expression of love and beauty. The love of, and awakening to, beauty. Brings heaven to Earth. Pallas Athena & Aeolus unite Heaven and Earth during our dream state, and reveal the unconscious to our conscious mind for interpretation. For all those who seek a deeper understanding of the energies concerned with encouraging right livelihood and prosperity consciousness, in the sense that we have what we need, helping us to be in harmony in the world.
  •  The grounding of the Divine Blueprint: and make it a living reality. Pallas Athena reminds us that wealth, right action and right livelihood only exist so that spirit may express through them. This Ray embodies a total acceptance of the material world. In Trust and Love, we will be led on a path of self-integrity that delivers us to our life purpose.
  • Helps to understand shamanic traditions:and the relationship of the ancient peoples of the earth so we may learn how to sense what the earth needs as a whole or what the micro environment we personally dwell in might require.
  • Greece & Rome: Brings a connection with Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses archetypes. Useful for overcoming old patterns of behaviour.

Fragrance: Flowery
Essential Oils: Bergamot, Tuberose, Rose Geranium, Rose, Lemon
Colour: Pale Magenta
Equilibrium Association: B57 and the colour Magenta
Crystal Energies: Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Rubelite, Opal

Application: Use to ease into a meditative state, harmonize the subtle bodies, open intuition, connect to the Colour Ray and allow your Soul to align with its potential.

Place three drops of the Quintessence on the left wrist and gently rub the wrists together. Extend the arms above the head, giving the energies away to the world. Then gently bring the hands in and cross the wrists over the crown. Continue to open and close your arms in this manner as you come down and cross over each of the energy centers, stopping to rest over the heart chakra for a few moments. Then continue down and give the energies to the earth. Then spinning the hands in a backward spiral, bring the hands all the way up the front of the body. Finally, bring the palms together at the forehead and deeply inhale the quintessence three times into the body.
NOTE: It is preferable to pass the Quintessence through the electro-magnetic field before inhaling as this allows the alcohol to evaporate before you breathe in. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/painted surfaces. You can share the Quintessences with whomever you wish, unlike the Balance bottles.

Use to clear the atmosphere in houses/apartments
Put a few drops on your hand and go through the room/house waving your hand into all areas, all corners and around all doors while seeing the negative energies being swept out. You can also treat sick plants, animals and other people (if they so wish) with the Quintessence.