Sound Healing


Soothing sounds of crystal & Tibetan singing bowls take you on a journey of relaxation, facilitating a shift in brainwaves to states similar to meditation where deep peace and healing can occur.

For Stress Relief, Deep Relaxation, Inner Peace, Holistic Wellbeing.

Contact Caroline to book a 1-1 sound healing session on 085 222 7557
1 hour session €60


Caroline’s Journey with Sound Healing…

Caroline is a registered sound therapy practitioner with the Sound Healing Academy, which is accredited by the British Complimentary Medicine Association and an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

She has also completed Levels 1 – 4 of Acutonics sound-based tools (Tuning Forks & Planetary Gongs), combining Integrative Medicine, Oriental Medicine, and Sound Healing.

Further studies include Gong Yoga Teacher Training & Gong Healing with gong master Don Conreaux in New York.

Caroline held a healing women’s drumming circle for years while living in Cork. She has trained in many healing modalities and loves to work with the colour and crystalline vibrations of Aura-Soma Colour. She loves to create peace by holding sound baths and 1-1 sessions using Clear Quartz Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and the voice. She has colloborated in many ways with musicians & therapists for a variety of voice and spiritual healing workshops, and more recently collaborated with Irish musicians on a meditative CD called “All is Well” in honour of water. (



1-1 Session Feedback:

“Caroline is an incredible professional, always aiming for the best result with an exclusive treatment. Balancing intuition with sound techniques, she gives a holistic approach to the treatment, adding all her background training to the sound healing session.” – Danieli

“Sound healer Caroline Flavin holds the most incredible sacred healing space. She held a profound sacred healing space for me to step into.I experienced being seen and honoured as the highest expression of myself. Blocks to this expression melted away during my sound healing sessions with Caroline. As a result of these sessions I remember who I AM. Thank you Caroline.” – Dee

“I achieved deep relaxation and guidance on some life issues that were invaluable.” – Sharon

“I experienced an integration on an energetic and visceral level. These sessions have invited a gentle release of suppressed memories and emotions and supported my journey of healing long held trauma.” 

“I felt a great sense of relief and felt soothed and calmed. My coping mechanism increased.”

“My changing needs and energy were met through sound and a graceful, nurturing holding of space which has allowed me to open deeper into my healing journey.”

“The quality of my sleep improved a lot! I felt that I could keep my energy balanced way longer after the sessions. The affirmations and mantras that were given as an exercise, have been helping me to overcome difficulties in my communication process.”

“Caroline is a gifted intuitive sound therapist and I do not say this lightly. Of all the therapies I have tried, the breadth and depth of possibility for this therapy in Caroline’s competent hands is boundless. 

The highlight of what’s possible came when after two hard hitting injuries to my right arm (elbow and wrist) into the second week when the pain became localized in my wrist and little or no flexibility, Caroline did a sound healing session on my wrist and full flexibility was restored with no pain within 24 hours.

Aside of this, the healing sessions are beyond words. The closest I can find are a bath in bliss! Thank you!” – Helen

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone wanting to experience the beauty, magic and deep relaxation of a sound healing session. She worked very gently and reassuringly. She knew exactly what I needed and acted accordingly.” – Karen